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Samples of Past Projects

  Web Development and Hosting
  Contextual Design Web Site  

Internal business web site (deployed on an intranet) designed specifically to be a functional representation of Contextual Design in progress. It gives easy access to a complex set of data as well as allowing internal users to submit requests and ideas.


A site developed with PHP and hosted by PionSoft. This site has dynamic menus and content, as well as a convenient Macromedia® Flash® slideshow (Gallery by Dali) to show off products.

  Fee Calc Tool   Windows Development

Application developed to aid in calculation of fees for services as well as take credit card information.
This particular application integrated web components, XML handling, MFC (Windows graphical interface) and Database access through ADO.

  Action Items Database   Database Design with Access

Application/Database designed to run completely inside Microsoft Access to aid in the tracking of code defects, process milestones or any other traceable items that involve a manager, assignee and a due date. This particular application utilizes MS Access' built-in forms as well as its reporting capabilities.

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